This is a refreshing story of three little bunnies who work together to make a difference in their world. It’s beautifully illustrated and well written but the most amazing thing about this book is that the three young authors have used their own experiences to create this story. This would make a great gift for children and I would highly recommend teachers to add this story to their classroom libraries.

      – Sandra, Reader Review, Amazon

I got this book for my 4 year old daughter and she loved it!! It is so inspirational and has a good life lesson . The illustration is also so cute and colourful. Well done 3 wonderful little authors!

       – Shirin, Reader Review, Amazon

Thought the book was GREAT, and we’re not just talking okay, we’re talking GREAT. I really liked the way the book was based on not only getting the fact across of donating to charity, but to throw a little fun in with it too. If you’re expecting an action packed book this book may not be for you. However there is still that anticipation of WILL THE BUNNIES REACH THEIR GOAL. this is a kids book, but anyone could read it and I think anyone and everyone will find this enjoyable! For an overall rating I’m gonna have to give a………… 10/10 prefect 10! Great book I highly recommend it to everyone.

      – William C, Goodreads Reader Review

I was expecting a simple tale about 3 bunny sisters, but what I got was a bucolic tale that will galvanize young ones to embark upon philanthropic journeys of their own. An epic filled with adventures, carrots, and baking. What more could one ask for?

      – Vikas, Reader Review, Amazon

Excellent read for young kids.
Strongly suggest to parents as the story has a great lesson and the beautiful illustrations will keep the child’s attention throughout.

      – RioSanchas, Reader Review, Barnes & Noble

This book is really cute. The drawings are so well-done and very cute! But most importantly, the story is really good. It’s very heartfelt and has an awesome message of giving back to your community. I highly recommend! Great book for your child’s reading collection!

      – First Time Mommy, Reader Review, Amazon

This is a book for all ages to sit back and go on your own journey of helping others even though they are not adults, they can do things despite their age! This will fill your heart and make you want to make the world a better place.
If you have sisters or not you will totally connect with these girls. The colorful illustrations make it wonderful for children who are being read to as well. Just adorable! Can’t wait to share this with others.

      – Amazon Customer Review 

Amazing, my daughter is so happy to have this book. Thank you for making my daughter happy!

      – Vikram, Reader Review, Amazon

Well-written and thoughtful book from three generous, kind-hearted and smart sisters.

      – Bonani, Reader Review, Amazon

Interesting & Inspirational read!

Adorable children’s book with a simple yet stimulating narrative with beautiful illustrations!

Merits a place in the Scholastic Catalogue!

Best Of Luck in future endeavors!

      – Veena and Ravi, Reader Review, Amazon

What a fantastic children’s story to share with kids of all ages! This would be a wonderful addition to any parents or teachers’ library and has a great lesson about sharing and helping others. What a catchy song too!! I can’t believe the ages of the young authors!! Truly a remarkable achievement and a fine example for all children.

      – Sonia, Reader Review, Amazon